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Errata - first printing




When Ottavio Scoto published Jerome Cardano’s first book, On The Differing Opinions of Physicians, he failed to do any proofreading. The text was riddled with mistakes: more than three hundred misprints and typographical errors had crept in. Jerome was mortified. 


The Scribe team and I have not done quite that badly, but there are a few problems in the first printing. Here are the corrections; our apologies to you (and Jerome).



p.88 — ‘whose sides are of lengthThe’ should be ‘whose sides are of length x. The’

p.88 — ‘cubus6. rebus’ should be ‘cubus p. 6. rebus’


p.89 — ‘x^3 + bx =It’ should be ‘x^3 + bx = c. It’

p.95 — ‘√-9 is neither +3 or 3' should be '√-9 is neither +3 or -3‘


p.115 — 'all over twoIt’ should be 'all over two a. It’


p.117 — 'was =‘ should be ‘was x =‘


p.140 — ‘German,s’ should be ‘Germans,’


p.159 — there should be a full stop after ‘altered entities’


p.160 — ‘measurement onThe’ should be 'measurement on B. The’

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